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DVD9 --> 2xDVD5


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I'm an hifi-enthusiast.


I am an earlier windows user. When authoring DVD's (using .VOB-files) I used to work with both DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, VobBlanker and a small app called IFoEdit.


With IFoEdit and VobBlanker you can tear the DVD struckture totally apart, and rebuild it excactly as you want it. You can reauthor a DVD movie, with any of the titlesets, chapters and in any order you'd like.


Well, sitting here in OS X. Going to backup one of my originals which is a DVD9-disc. I only got DVD5-discs ofcourse with half the available disc space on it. I've pretty much searched the web for all the DVD apps I could reach. Does it really exist a app or a combination of apps allowing me to choose just one titleset, split it into two equal sized pieces, and reauthor these into two DVD5 discs ??


Grateful for any suggestions :-)=

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