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Mail Act-On and MailTags

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Simple recompiles; no porting required. These are two add-ins for Apple Mail. Mail Act-On lets you apply rules to messages (flagging, set colors, move to folders) with keystrokes; MailTags lets you keep track of messages' priority, projects, and attach your own notes to e-mail. Really handy stuff.


This is the current source from Subversion, built using Xcode 2.2 in 8F1099, using the Deployment build configuration.


To install, copy the two .mailbundle packages to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles, then run the following command in Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.mail enablemailbundles 1


Update: Updated attachment; downgraded Act-On to the 1.3.1 branch. The previous one worked, but got grumpy if both it and MailTags were running at the same time.


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well dude, how to install them please?


I thought I'd covered that in the first post. Extract the ZIP file; inside you'll find two packages -- MailTags.mailbundle and MailActOn.mailbundle.


Copy one or both packages, depending on what you want to use, to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles. That means to go into your Home directory, open the Library folder inside it, open the Mail folder inside that, and then look for a Bundles folder. If there is one; great, copy the .mailbundle packages into it. If not, create it and then copy the .mailbundle packages into it.


Then run the Terminal application and run the following command:


defaults write com.apple.mail enablemailbundles 1


This will tell Apple's Mail program to look for extensions in the Bundles folder; it doesn't look for add-ons by default.


That's it! If you're using MailTags, you should see the "tag" icon appear on every message, and you can click on it to bring up the sidebar. If you're using Mail Act-On, you should create some rules to use with it. See the author's page about Mail Act-On for information about this.

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