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  1. AdiumX 1.00svn (Universal Binary)

    Works reasonably well here, but I can't modify accounts (not a problem, since they were already set up from lamer0's build). No sound when running native. Oddly, I do get sound if I run using Rosetta.
  2. This is not unique to Apple. All the vendors put ridiculous list prices on service hardware when they stop manufacturing them. Compaq quoted me $632 for a floppy drive once (for a DeskPro, with the custom front bezel). IBM has quoted me $400 for an optical drive, $2900 for a ThinkPad docking station, and more along those lines. I've always assumed they have some policy (or some country has a regulation) saying they have to sell service parts for a certain amount of time after the product was discontinued, and they're complying with the letter but not the spirit. Realistically, though, it's not that Apple raised their price to $500, they just stopped selling it. They no longer advertise it for sale, and the price as a service part is just labeled high enough that no one would ever buy it.
  3. Mail Act-On and MailTags

    Oh, that's okay -- gave me a chance to be a bit more detailed anyway :-P
  4. New MarsEdit beta is a Universal Binary

    Looks like Brent Simmons noticed this post, and the what's new page is updated now. Cool.
  5. The release announcement doesn't mention it, but the new MarsEdit beta 1.1b5 is a universal binary.
  6. deleted

    Yeah, the "failure"/"miserable failure" Googlebomb has been steady for years now. There's also "unelectable", "great president" and "worst president." Other interesting bombs: "Arabian Gulf" leads to a 404-style failure page that lectures you on terminology. "Litigous bastards" led to SCO's home page for a long time. "Weapons of mass destruction" went here (another 404-style page) during much of the lead-up to the war. "Out of touch management" used to lead to Google's corporate page. "French military victories" used to go here (a fake Google results page saying "Did you mean 'French military defeats?'").
  7. Mail Act-On and MailTags

    I thought I'd covered that in the first post. Extract the ZIP file; inside you'll find two packages -- MailTags.mailbundle and MailActOn.mailbundle. Copy one or both packages, depending on what you want to use, to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles. That means to go into your Home directory, open the Library folder inside it, open the Mail folder inside that, and then look for a Bundles folder. If there is one; great, copy the .mailbundle packages into it. If not, create it and then copy the .mailbundle packages into it. Then run the Terminal application and run the following command: defaults write com.apple.mail enablemailbundles 1 This will tell Apple's Mail program to look for extensions in the Bundles folder; it doesn't look for add-ons by default. That's it! If you're using MailTags, you should see the "tag" icon appear on every message, and you can click on it to bring up the sidebar. If you're using Mail Act-On, you should create some rules to use with it. See the author's page about Mail Act-On for information about this.
  8. Simple recompiles; no porting required. These are two add-ins for Apple Mail. Mail Act-On lets you apply rules to messages (flagging, set colors, move to folders) with keystrokes; MailTags lets you keep track of messages' priority, projects, and attach your own notes to e-mail. Really handy stuff. This is the current source from Subversion, built using Xcode 2.2 in 8F1099, using the Deployment build configuration. To install, copy the two .mailbundle packages to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles, then run the following command in Terminal: Update: Updated attachment; downgraded Act-On to the 1.3.1 branch. The previous one worked, but got grumpy if both it and MailTags were running at the same time. MailActOnAndTags.zip
  9. the new 10.4.3 MaxxussAntiTPM_10 patch

    Many people have had success outside of VMWare, but you still need PAE. Although the CPUs have supported PAE for ages, many motherboards don't turn it on unless you have 4+GB RAM or NX. This includes the ASRock P4Dual-915GL, which was featured in the "$199 Hackintosh" stories -- it won't run native on this board unless you have an NX CPU, and PAE is why.
  10. How do Aqua Themes work?

    Strangely, manual replacement changes things, but only running in Rosetta. For instance, if you run the installer for the Iridium theme, it will replace files for the Carbon framework, for Finder, etc. The Iridium theme applies to all PPC apps as far as I can tell, and also to Finder & Safari if "Run using Rosetta" is checked. However, if you run those apps native, they still use metal. I'm a bit stumped about this. BTW, if you're going to investigate this, if you run Finder in Rosetta you'll have to use a terminal window to kill it and start it back up native -- while running in Rosetta, you don't get the "Run using Rosetta" checkbox, so you can't clear it on Finder.app!
  11. How To Read-write Ntfs Partitions On Osx86?

    Unfortunately, with bundles where each resource is an individual file, Mail storing data with one message per file, lots of small files containing indexing data for Spotlight, etc., Tiger will always create lots and lots and lots of tiny files. Large clusters would be madness in OS X.
  12. The ASRock P4Dual-915GL packaging and manual indicate that you can use the onboard video in conjunction with PCIe and AGP cards ("five monitors!", they exclaim. Presumably they're thinking dual-head AGP + dual-head PCIe + onboard).
  13. A kinda wish list :)

    The last Outlook/Mac version was 2001, and yes it requires Classic. It would still be usable (on PPC Macs) except that it lacks HTML mail support.
  14. On a ThinkPad A31p, Alt was mapped to the Command key; Control was Control, and it was Option that I was missing. I used System Preferences to map Caps Lock to Option -- there's a "Modifier Keys" button in the Keyboard prefs.