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problems emulation on vista with virtual pc 2007


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right now i'm on vista x64 and i want to install mac os x ... and i want to install it on a pc

my pc config is: cpu d805, mb asus p5ld2, 1G ram, video asus x1600pro 256M


i've downloaded from torrents Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso and i used Virtual PC 2007 to emulate it an i given for the virtual pc 200M ram and 7G space

when i start and boot it apeare something like this ...




then the following error...




if i press F8 it's showing...




after F8..if i hit enter or type -v and then enter ...




then this error..





i've put the iso on a dvd and the same thing happens on virtual pc....if i restart the computer and boot to instal mac os...and press F8...then enter... something like in the image 4 it's showing...the it says that it doesn't find a file an waiting for root..





can some one pls help mne?


and one other thing...the iso has 4.3G...and if i enter on the image it showes a few files and it has 482k?...why is that?



img-resized.png Reduced: 92% of original size [ 780 x 593 ] - Click to view full image6.jpg


can someone explain why?

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As far as I know, VPC 2007 doesn't support (officially or unofficially) the Mac OS X, you need to use VMWare. As far as it only showing a few hundred K, there are actually 2 partitions on the DVD a small boot partition for darwin then the OS X boot partition. The PC boots from the generic Darwin and then passes the rest of the boot to the OS X boot procedure.


Waiting for root device usually means that it can't find your SATA controller or your PATA controller. Find you vendor ID and Device ID in windows and see if they are supported by searching this forum. There are a couple of instances where there are issues if you have DOS/Legacy USB support enabled in the BIOS. Also if you are using SATA, make sure that it is not set for RAID.

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