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SIgh... murphys law.


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I'm installing 10.4.8 on my home built PC. its an AMD 3000. Everything went cool with the install. After I installed it, It rebooted and the monitor keeps flickering on and off. I have an analogue connection with an Nvidia 512 mb video card 6800 series I think. (edit: it is a GeForce 6600 512 Mb)


So, I rebooted. same thing.



So, I rebooted again. IT WORKED!!!! the screen wasn't flickering. I was surfing osx. I went to install final cut pro and when it came time to register the serial I couldn't find my serial. SO I went walking aroudn the house and found it in the living room under the wifes magazines.


When I came back the PC was in "standbye" and wouldn't come out of it. Sad.... ;)


So, I rebooted.


now I'm in the endless cycle of flicker on, off, on, off at random intervals and length of time. When it flickers "on" it sometimes flickers to a "blue screen" and other times "to the OS"


At the selection menu to install I picked all the appropriate things to make it "work"


Its probably a driver issue. I read somewhere in these forums about getting the model number of the card or (code of the card) and inserting it into something?


any help? Sorry for the spelling.


okay....so I rebooted again and it is working now....




edit again... back to the flickering.


I installed FCP and it of course wanted me to "reboot" so I did and now I'm back to the flickering

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