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WWDC Leopard Beta Leaked Onto BitTorrent Site


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Here's the full story:




It looks like the WWDC beta of Leopard was leaked onto the Oink BitTorrent Web site. (I’m not about to download it, though, that’s for sure.) Here’s a screen shot. And another. And another. That last one made me laugh. Oops!


Nobody’s completely downloaded the 6GB file yet, but the site’s forum is red hot with activity and the file already has 205 comments. Choice lines about the leak in recent days have included “this is f*#$ing ridiculous. i want leopard, and i want it now. hurry, before some heads start to roll” and “Please do not talk about this torrent file outside of OINK.”


Someone should notify Apple.



I just checked OiNK and... it's for real! ;)




Here's some more info about this release:


Known System Limitations:

  • - 15" 1.5 Ghz PowerBooks and 17" 1.67Ghz Powerbooks sometimes panic or hang when waking from sleep. A fix is available for these two machines via Software Update.
  • - Case sensitive HFS+ filesystems should not be used with this beta release.
  • - iCal alarms sometimes don't go off at the correct time.
  • - Safari crashes if you control-click on text in a PDF document rendered inline.
  • - Audio CD playback is not working in Front Row.
  • - If you are developing or testing resolution independence with a non-1.0 user interface resolution factor some standard controls may draw incorrectly. Some applications, such as Finder and System Preferences, for example, exhibit this problem.
  • - Texturing in 64-bit applications, such as Chess, results in graphics corruption with NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • - Pairing with a bluetooth device will hang System Preferences. If you have the bluetooth menu extra on, all of your menu extras will also hang.
  • - iChat video effects are not working on systems with integrated Intel graphics, such as the MacBooks.
  • - If you experience problems launching Terminal after migrating your user settings, try moving aside ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Terminal.plist
  • - If your applications stop launching, you may be experiencing a known issue. If this is the case there will be a crash log in /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/, and you will have to restart to resolve this problem.
  • - Setup Assistant shows an error dialog when connecting to wireless networks even though it succeeded.
  • - If you create a peer-peer network in Leopard, then enable Internet Sharing in the Sharing preference pane, you can't switch to another wireless network until you disable Internet Sharing.
  • - If your applications stop launching you may have encountered a system daemon crash which will be reported in /Library/Logs/CrashReporter. Restart to workaround this.
  • - 12" PowerBooks sometimes panic when waking from sleep. This is not fixed by the Software Udpate that resolves panics/hangs on some 15" and 17" Powerbooks.

Known Application Limitations:

  • - Microsoft PowerPoint crashes viewing slide shows.
  • - Sign-in does not complete with MSN Messenger 6.
  • - Google Desktop installation fails.
  • - Adobe Photoshop can't open files managed by Version Cue.
  • - Adobe Reader 8 crashes in license agreement screen.
  • - Macromedia Studio 8 does not install.
  • - Matlab 7.4 crashes on launch.
  • - Mathematica 5.2 hangs and/or crashes on G5.
  • - Software Update may not present Aperture Updates.
  • - Undoing video effects in Final Cut Pro and switching sequence settings can lead to graphics corruption on systems with ATI cards.
  • - Movies imported in 1080i with Motion 2.1.2 look corrupted in FCP.
  • - Motion Templates do not display images in FCP.
  • - Network Templates do not show up in the FCP's Master Template Browser.
  • - Exporting from Soundtrack Pro will fail.
  • - When using Retiming Controls in Compressor/Qmaster, only settings with AIFF or MPEG for audio will be encoded.
  • - In Compressor/Qmaster, using Brightness And Contrast, BlackWhite Restore and Gamma Correction filters will produce unexpected results.

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Time to bring up my share ratio...;)

LOL! It's a ratio-killer for sure :P


Anyway there are many important limitations for this build but it looks like the best one ever.

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