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Tiger Jas - no iso - size 5.17 GB - how can I burn this?


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I downloaded the

Marklar-Tiger.iso (prepatched), which existed of 38 rar files.


http://rapidshare.com/files/26473144/Jas10...SSE2.part01.rar and so on.


Unrarring these doesnt't result in an iso file but a normal folder structure (see pic).


Can I use this?


Total (extracted) folder contents are 5.17 GB so it is to big to burn it to a DVD5, or should these OSX discs always

be burnt on DVD9. The filesize of the 38rars together however only was 3.55 GB


So the question are:

-Is it normal that this is not an ISO file

-Is the filesize of 5.17 normal, and if yes, can I burn it on a DVD5 or can I split it? Or what should be done?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Everything is extremely odd and far from normal.

Basically I believe you have wasted a downlad.

Why don't you download the latest JaS (10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso) from the green demon?

You'll be able to burn it to a single layer DVD.


Edit: I found this:




I believe you downloaded something extremely old, from the first days of this project.

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