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not booting after install

Fix Miller

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After i install it just doesn't boot,


the HDD is a 200G WD - with 2 partitions 30G and 98G due the 128G OS limitation,


formated before install with OS X 10.4.8 disk utility

i checked with gparted live CD and the partitions look like this:


FAT32 200M - boot (-flag);

HFS+ 30G (- the one i used to install uphunk's 10.4.9 OS);

HFS+ 98G

unpartitioned space - the rest of it ;


after the boot failure( no message at all - just the blinking cursor) i used Gparted to set the flag on the HFS+ 30G partition to boot - no result - all the same

After that, in my desperation i deleted the FAT32 - partition - and from this point i had to format it again ;)


so, how can i make this work ?

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Use the disk utility within the 10.4.9 1.3 uphuck DVD...there are no problems with it. Just make sure that when you create the partition for OSx86, you click on options and select MBR instead of GUID or w/e it's default set to. Then continue install.


I was having the same problems until i came across the answer on this forum.


Good luck.

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well that kinda helped ,

now darwin/X86 loads and gives me 2 options to choose from (- i have 2 partitions - bouth HFS+ journaled, one with OS X installed)

but whatever i do nothing happends.. not even if i type ? (and enter) - nothing!


does this mean that the OS is not properly installed?

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