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Getting Logitech Remote to work?

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I have a Logitech Cordless Desktop S510. It is a combination cordless mouse/keyboard/remote control that all operates through a single RF receiver.


The mouse works 100% (I'm actually using an LX7 instead of the included LX5), and is recognized by the Logitech Control Center.


However, the keyboard's media keys (play, stop, etc) do not work. Volume DOES work. They keyboard is NOT seen by Logitech Control Center, even though it is virtually IDENTICAL except in color to the S530 which is a MAC keyboard. Logitech is intentionally NOT supporting the S510, since there's an identical Mac supported keyboard.


The remote only works about 15%, and is also not seen by the Logitech Control Center. The volume, mute left/right and enter buttons work. However, I had noticed even on Windows that those controls are identical to the keyboard's controls and so are standard. However, the Media buttons (play, stop, etc) also do not work on the remote, nor do any of the other buttons.


Someone suggested ControllerMate (http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/26459). While it looked promising at first, and showed lots of receivers and devices, it turns out that it doesn't see any signals besides what OSX was already getting. I was hoping it could receive signals that weren't already mapped to something by the driver, which it implied it could, but apparently it doesn't work at that level. The keys that work all light up in ControllerMate, but it simply doesn't read anything on the keys that don't work.


Not having my remote control is a serious issue, since I watch all my TV/Movies on my computer - I don't own a TV. At this point, I'm seriously considering deleting the OSX install completely, and all over a remote control.


I'm hoping someone has any clue on how I can get this to work. I don't mind a bit of legwork, but so far I haven't found anything that even acknowledges the extra keys, though the receiver and a few keys are recognized, so it can't be impossible.



Have found a programm called "ControllerMate" that is helping. It still isn't perfect, some of the buttons don't work, but highly recommended for anyone having this kind of trouble with ANY input device. The author provides an input scanner which can read the codes created by your device, which you email back to him and hopefully the app can be updated to support more devices this way. I've submitted the file for the S510 keyboard & remote - hoping he'll update to include support for it, but it still works better with ControllerMate than without.

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