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  1. [SOLVED] Realtek RTL8169 no longer working!

    EDIT EDIT: I finally got it to work. But not with the method the previous poster mentioned. Final LION removed the kext, you have to use the Kext from DP1 of Lion.
  2. Realtek RTL8139 Lion

    I am simply confirming that this kext installed without any additional hacking/work required on my 10.6.8 Snow Leopard RTL8139D card. Always a pleasure when something actually works. Works in Lion too. EDIT: Odd.. after a couple of days, it has suddenly started disconnecting my ethernet randomly. Diagnostics will still think the card's good, just that it can't get out to the network. I think it started giving trouble about the time I installed Transmission -- apparently it can't handle heavy traffic. Any chance of a properly working kext that doesn't do this?
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    This does not seem to work on my ALC883 on MSI 945GM3 in Leopard.
  4. audio drivers P5KC - ALC883

    How exactly do I use this? Any instructions?
  5. GMA 950 Slowness

    Just upgraded this system to 10.5.1 kalyway, and on the first boot the video was perfect - zippy and fast. But after a reboot, this too went to "slow motion mode" for no explained reason. Profiler still shows QE/CI fully supported, but the graphics are stuck in slow-motion. Please help, has ANYBODY experienced this issue and come up with a solution?
  6. GMA 950 Slowness

    I have a Jas 10.4.8 system on an MSI 945GM3 board, with GMA 950 graphics. This system worked flawlessly for months, until some boron ran updates on it. So I went to fix things for the guy and loaded clean. However, for some reason the graphics driver isn't "sticking". It loads fine, and says QE/CI are supported. But after a reboot or two, it will go into molasses mode - all of the screen effects such as the shrinking and blowing up of windows that are minimized/restored, etc, are in slow motion (just like if you were hitting the key that makes it do that on purpose). The dock itself animates slowly as well. If I reload the GMA 950 package file from the install disk, and reboot, everything is fine - until I reboot again - at which point everything is slow again. Does anybody know why this might be happening?
  7. So what options DID you use? I've tried 5 times now to install 10.4.9 using the uphuck release onto a 945GM3 and it refuses to run. Sometimes I get kernel panic on bootup ("You need to restart your system"), and others, I get an infinite loop when it tries to load after the blue screen.
  8. I am building this machine for a friend who specifically requested a Hackintosh compatible system. I picked the MSI 945GM3-F with a Core 2 Duo 4400 because it was one of the boards promoted as most compatible for an out of the box install. I had done this on my own AMD system, and was under the impression it was supposed to be easier on an Intel 945. Yet, I can't even get it to boot! What options are needed on the uphuck DVD to get this thing to work? First it kernel paniced. I switched Kernels from Intel SSE3 to Universal SSE3, and then it gets to the blue screen, flashes the wallpaper, then goes blue again and cycles this indefnitely, never completely booting. Anybody got this working that would care to share what is needed to get this to work?
  9. Macfuse + NTFS-3g broke

    I've been running 10.4.9 for a while now.... I have recently had issues with my NTFS partitions. I use MacFuse + NTFS3G from the uphuck DVD. The drives mount and writes SEEM to work... yet after a reboot, none of the changed files exist anymore. Deleted files are restored as well. The catch is - all the changes seem to have worked UNTIL I rebooted... this means of course that OSX is probably keeping the partition tables in memory and NOT writing them back to the disk - which has probably caused all sorts of corruption on my NTFS drives, since I didn't notice it was doing this until I had about 20 torrents that had finished suddenly restarted when I rebooted. If I can't fix this, I'm gonna delete OSX. I will not put my valuable data into a filesystem that I can't read on 90% of the computers in the world. Does anyone know why it might be doing this and know a fix? I'm willing to fix it if possible, but I don't have much patience when it comes to software trashing my data! Seems I'm not the first person with this type of problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...880&hl=NTFS
  10. OSx86

    The point is, I'm not going to spend that much money on hardware. I WOULD buy the OS if it were available seperately for hardware that is custom built. And I'd hardly say "spare parts" - I selected all the components in my system specifically for the specs and performance I wanted, and it delivers.
  11. OSx86

    If you're going to buy a fraggin Dell, then yeah, you won't save much. But not everyone is a DellSheep. Let's see - at LAST YEAR's prices: DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra D - $109 AMD Opteron 170 (2.0ghz) - $169 (overclock to 2.8ghz - FREE) 2gb Patriot DDR PC4000 - Bought 3 years ago, let's say $200? 320gb Seagate 7200.10 SATA2 Drive - $94.99 Case - $10 Ultra Aluminus (after rebate) Video Card - ATI X1950XT 256mb - $169 PSU - Ultra 600Watt - $99 21" Sony Trinitron FLAT CRT (on ebay) - $24 (no shipping, locally picked up) 17" Dell Trinitron FLAT CRT - Free, given to me. ASUS DVD-RW: $35 Logitech S510 Media Desktop & Remote (wireless keyboard/mouse/remote) : $23.07 on sale. Includes DUAL onboard GIGABIT lan. Includes onboard firewire, USB 2.0. Let's see... my total - $933. Add in various fans and such, and you MIGHT be around $1000. Now - show me a Mac that costs $933 or anywhere even close that is even close to as powerful as my box, and I'll show you a liar. Not meaning to be nasty, but the truth is the truth, and Apple hardware IS overpriced. Sure, if you have the money and want to pay for it, especially if you're not technically inclined enough to build your own system, then go for it. But I'm not going to spend 3x as much for the same basic abilities. Additionally, I did not lay out $933 all at once. The system was built in stages. The moitor I've had for years. The memory came from a previous system. The HD was a later upgrade. The video card is the 3rd card I've had in this system. The DVD drive was an upgrade from an earlier one. And, in the future, I can just slip in new hardware is it becomes available rather than having to lay out the cash for an entirely new system.
  12. The sound card sticky suggests using the Turtle Beach Advantage. However, I've seen several threads suggesting that it doesn't work in 5.1 surround modes.... Since my onboard audio works just fine in stereo, it would be kinda stupid for me to buy the Turtle Beach if it won't work in 5.1 modes on DVD audio. Can anyone who is actually using 5.1 on the Turtle Beach Advantage (NOT just 2ch stereo) confirm if this works with 5.1 before I order?
  13. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Wootness! Thanky, thanky! I'd compile if I had more experience with OSX... but although I managed to compile my printer drivers, this is a little bit beyond my scope. Thanks much for the new update. (now 10.4.10, hehe.. no hurry on that since there's not even an update out yet)... When you're compiling for newer kernels, is it mostly just a recompile, or are you having to change much code?
  14. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Odd.. When I tried to use the PCGen driver on 10.4.9, it freaked out and couldn't load the USB kext. What did you have to do to get it to load on 10.4.9?
  15. I guess ALC850 users are never going to have a fix then... the 5.1 setup method described in this thread was close, but no cigar. The speaker assignments switch randomly. Sometimes you can't even complete the configuration without it changing output channels that you've already configured and you go in a circle "chasing" the correct settings as they keep changing. Sometimes, you can get it set right for a while, then it stops whenver you start/stop iTunes or Quicktime.