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Invalid Folder stuck in Finder Shortcuts


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I had created a "Download" folder that was linked (using ln) to another drive in my system. I removed that drive and deleted the symlink. However, the shortcut in Finder was still there (right under Applications where I'd put it). When I click on the shortcut it says "The volume for "Download" cannot be found." Well that's to be expected, since I deleted it.


Unfortunately, there's now no way to get rid of that shortcut I can find. When I drag it to the trash, it disappears from the finder window - until I open a new finder window, when it is back. It never appears to actually go to the trash either - I guess since it doesn't really "exist" except as an icon stuck forever in my Finder shortcuts.


Anyone know how I can rid myself of this annoyance?


Nevermind, did more searches and found a solution:



Updating this post so people know the fix. Just wipe out com.apple.sidebarlists.plist or edit it with the property list editor to remove the offending dead link.

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