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Display issue on laptop after boot.


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Today I decided to install the 10.4.8 JaS AMD-Intel SSE2-SSE3 w/PPF1 & PPF2 - DVD on my laptop. The installation went fine, no problems and errors was detected. I checked both of the 2 boxes, which will install the ATI and NVIDIA gfx drivers and common hardware included on JaS DVD.


When the installation were done, the machine rebooted and the boot screen appeared as the first screen shot shows. After the boot screen, the OS X intro video starts playing in a window in the middle of the screen with sound! Note the pixels in the bottom of the movie. (See the second screen shot). The movie itself runs fine, without lagging and interrupts.


But then the next screen appears it's pretty hard to see what's going on. The cursor work and the voice guide are working. First I tried to connect the laptop to my external monitor, but it didn't seem to fix the problems. It only showed the same picture as on my laptop display.


I when tried to follow the voice guide included in the installation, but with my limited osx knowledge, and how the keyboard works on a Mac, I simply gave up.


So now is my question: What should I try now?


My Laptops hardware configuration is:



Zepto Znote 2415w


Intel Pentium M 1.7Ghz Dothan

ATI x600 Mobility Radeon GFX 128MB. 1680x1050

Intel PRO wireless 2200BG

Realtek AC97 soundcard

Realtek RTL8169 LAN


I hope someone have a clue what's wrong, because I am so intent to get this working.







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i have the same problem,

boots well in safe mode, but the same crooked view in the normal boot mode.


Please help me in steps, ,

i can't understand the steps given.


i have the callisto 6 and kover0.2 patch, how do i proceed ??


please help, urgent

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