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Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Serious help plzzzzzzz (i BEG U)


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HI I have an Advent T9208 i have put the new universal mac 1.3 dvd on it AND sound works but not 5.1 SURROUND SOUND ONLY THREE SPEAKERS WORK and the ethernet does not work i have changed the code to 0x27dc8086 but it does not work i have donw alot of thing and expecially if you would like to help i ahev read a post and it says load it manually please help me i dont know what the heck that mean i am new to all this i can copy and paste that sudo thing into the terminal bbut the best thing is can you plzzzz make a Intel® PRO/100 VE pkg which will install it aoutomaticly plzzzzz help me i have done alot of things repleaced the IOnetworkfamily and e.t.c i am using 10.4.9. The sound strated to work with rhe azilla audio package (pkg) please try to make it as simple as you can i need to use the internet on mac plz help me i hame on vista at the moment.


Intel® PRO/100 VE ADVENT T9208.




by the way this universal dvd came withe the Intel® PRO/100 VE drivers or something i have installed it but still no luck thier is no built in etherney at all not even the faded one which you cannot edit i had that with 10.4.8 but now their is not even that plz try to help me to get the ethernet working.


Intel® PRO/100 VE

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