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[SELL] 15" Titanium Powerbook G4 (*SOLD*)


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Im currently in the middle of trying to sell my Titanium Powerbook on ebay and i thouhgt id post about it here in case anyone was interested in it




theres the link to the bidding (with pictures). starting bid 375$


its a good laptop for doing everyday kind of stuff like surfing the internet, email, chat, watching video and etc.... itll even run CS2 at a some what acceptable speed now that i put in more ram and a 5400rpm drive. Its in good condition and Ive also got the orginal box and cd's to go with it


the specs are on the ebay page and in my signature so i wont waste space to list them again.


Im selling this and later ill be selling my e1505 because im in the market for purchasing a new Macbook :rolleyes:






----Item Sold----

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