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Games For Ipod. 14 Hacked HELP!

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ok so i downloaded the 14 ipod games for ipod. the problem i am having is this.

Here are the instructions :

Install cracked iPod games with a mac


For more info here is the link the text is taken from http://www.zendurl.com/ipodmac/




- Plug iPod in Mac


- Open iTunes, and go to the iPod section, then to the ìGamesî tab.


- Uncheck ìsynchronize gamesî box. Then click apply.


- Also, in the ìSummaryî tab uncheck ìopen iTunes when this iPod is connectedî. Sometimes the terminal commands will not respond correctly if the iPod is mounted in iTunes only and not the finder.


- Quit iTunes


- go to /Applications/Utilities/iPod Software Updater/


- right click iPod Updater 2006-03-23


- select "Show Package Contents"


- go to Contents/Resources/Updates


- delete "Firmware-"


- copy over ì5.5g Firmware.binî to the ìContents/Resources/Updatesî folder inside of the ìiPod Updater 2006-03-23î from your original torrent.


- rename the bin file to ìFirmware-" (not ìFirmware- To ensure this has been done correctly select the newly renamed Firmware and hit ìcommand Iî to get the info. Under the name and extension section, again make sure that it has just ìFirmware-î. If you are ever prompted with a dialog box, just choose ìUse .1î.


- Next, enter the following command in the Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app), then press return:


mount | fgrep Volumes


- The result should be a line that begins with "/dev/disk...". For example:


/dev/disk1s3 on /Volumes/ipod_nano (local, nodev, nosuid, journaled)


- In the preceding example, the disk number is '1'. Make a note of the numeric digit appearing after the word "disk"; disregard the letter "s" and following digit(s). Enter the following command in the terminal, then press return:


cd "/Applications/Utilities/iPod Software Updater.localized/iPod Updater 2006-03-23.app/Contents/Resources/Updates"


-Now backup your current firmware. Enter the following command, but substitue the '?' with the number you made a note of in the first step, followed by hitting "return":


dd if=/dev/disk?s2 of=my_ipod_firmware


- Now, perform the downgrade by entering the following command, but substitute the '?' with the number you made a note of in the first step, followed by hitting "return":


dd if=Firmware- of=/dev/disk?s2


- Wait for the Terminal to complete the installation (your iPod's wheel will be spinning in the upper left corner of the screen during the installation.)


- Eject the iPod when it's complete and it should reboot. If it doesn't, hold down Select and Menu until it does.


- A windoze looking 'disk mode' screen will appear with the options


Apple OS

Disk Mode



- Select Apple OS and your iPod screen turns blue for a few seconds and then works normally. The Firmware should show 1.2.1.


- open ìBlindî


- Go to the folder inside of your iPod named ìiPod_Controlî


- Copy the folder ìGames_ROî (original torrent) into this folder. If it is already present, it is ok, to overwrite it.


- Open ìBlindî


- Open iTunes




ok so we get all this instructions. I STILL freaking can't install this?! i mean i did the download of the ipod 2006-03-23

but it tells my ipod (80gb) isn't compatible? then like it says right click how can i right click it? macs dont have right click. this is confusing and it gets more confusing!? can anyone make this easier to understand im pretty good with understanding this but this is really confusing!

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im pretty sure you should at least not link to how to do it.... but since i <3 warez ill give ya some help, but its bad, dont do it!



now moving on to how to do it (educational purposes only etc)

get windows, idc how, and use ipod wizzard to just flash the new patched firmware and copy over the "Games_Ro" or whatever its called (doing this from memory...) to the root of your ipod... then feel free to do what you wish with the windows install and enjoy crappy games and pac man. oh and tetris...



and your 80gb will work with the proper firmware file.... 1sec


ill pm you wiht hte .bin



not really :)

found this too :



Using iPodWizard:

1 - Load the Firm******Pached.bin to your ipod. Use iPodWizard

2 - Install it and run

3 - Click on "Edit Mode" and select "Firmware File" in the scroll menu

4 - Click on "Open Firmware" button and navigate to the Firm*******Patched.bin and click open

5 - Finaly click in "Write to ipod" and let the program write to your ipod the new cracked firmware.

6 - Reset and be happy !!!!

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