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how to install 10.4.4 on second harddrive

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so ya, i want to install it on my second hardrive to try it out but it cant find it(or my main drive for that matter) is there something im missing other then just booting from disk? do i have to pre-format the drive to something specific?


asus a8n sli premium

evga geforce 7800gt

1gb ocz ram

amd athlon 64 3200+

seagate 250gb hardrive(sata)

maxtor 60gb hardrive(ide)(this is the one i want to install it on)



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Read this Forum Guidelines at the very beginning of this subforum:


Welcome to the Genius Bar. Here's how this forum works:


2. This is not the forum for asking questions. If you have a question about a thread that's already here, feel free to ask it.

Just don't start a thread for a specific question. Use the other forums here for that.

If you post a new thread here with a question about a problem you're having, we'll have to delete it, just to keep things clean.

I suggest you ask the question in the OSx86 Installation subforum.


Or in the particular guide in this section if you want to follow it.

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