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apple.boot.plist not found


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I have uphucks v 1.3 and installed with a AMD

Computer Specs:

Emachines T6520

3400+ AMD Athlon 64 Processor

2.40 GHz

512KB L2 Cache

1600 MHz FSB


ATI Radeon Xpress 200


Don't understand is there any way in terminal i can just add that? New to macs and cheating apple ^.^

I have only touched a mac in front of me for 48 hours tops, fell in LOVE with them, got no money to buy one so make my PC a Mac lol.




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here's the file. DL it to the desktop then move it (not paste) into '/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration'...


NOTE: you will have to remove the .txt; forum won't lemme upload .plist files... (use 'Get Info')


i'll restate for other's who may stop by...

hit 'F8' before the apple bootscreen... in the prompt, type 'platform=X86PC -x -v' (w/o quotes)... this loads into verbose-safemode with a 99.9% chance of loading (otherwise you must reinstall)... PM me if u need help guys...


forgot to mention... this one is already configured, and seeing as our machines are almost identical... it should work perfectly and cut your boot-time in half...



NOTE: should work on any Hackintosh...


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LOL, that's crazy, he got the wrong thread, i think... well, atleast he (might have) solved his problem (i think)


hey thanks for the reply but that isnt really my problem. anywayz you can close this thread as i have put together a fairly old intel machine and have installed it on there :)


thanks anyway :)

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