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Different configuration file during setup?

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Heyy i have gottin the JaS 10.4.8 Intel/AMD patched DVD with PPfv1 and 2 and have burnt it to a dvd-r with nero, and power iso. The problem is the com.apple.boot.plist on the dvd is blank so i get an error. I have another version of 10.4.8 but that is a betav2 with no PPf1 or 2. First of all i should tell u my comp specs, they are as follows :P :


AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ AM2

Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe

Nvidia 7950GT 512mb

2gb Corsair ram @ 800mhz

Western Digital 80gb IDE HDD @ 7200RPM's

Pioneer DVR-100 ? upto x16

19" Widescreen LCD Monitor.


After i have burnt the image with PPFv1 and 2 to a dvd and put it into my dvd burner and reboot i get an error. i have searched google many times for a solution, but they only say things about how to edit the com.apple.boot.plist file once everythign is working or for problems like resolution. Anywayz the Error says:" Error parsing plist file-setting from uuid blah blah blah blah (lots of numbers) ". I know it is my plist file because when i checked it in windows with HFS+ explorer i found it was blank :D .


i am wondering if it is possible to backup a good copy of my com.apple.boot.plist file onto a thumbdrive or somewhere else and during the boot prompt, enter a cmd kinda like, " configuration file: location_to_file " . i dont know if it is possible, but i wouldnt have spent like 2 days downloading 10.4.8 with PPfv1 to get it working on my AMD :D.


With the Beta2 dvd i have everythign installs fine except i get an error if i dont boot into safe mode using -x , if i do safemode itll boot everything with an exception of an error saying something about com.apple.drive.USBEHCI or something similar. once it gets past that it gets another thing saying unable to setup diskarb session and then goes on about kext_watch_volumes. once those have passed everything would seem to boot, my ram LED lights are flickering , it makes a loud noise from the hdd.. then the monitor goes on standby? then turns on with a blank screen. Why it does this im not sure lol and i cant see anything about errors cause of the blank screen.


Please help, ive tried many things and sat here basically all day searching and trying and nothing :(

Thanks if anyone could help ;)

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