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Front Man Force PC (Gericom) Install


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hello experts!


i just received a cool iMac-clone PC called "FrontMan Force" (Gericom).

just want to install NATIVELY OSX86.

but there is no way to setup OSX86 without kernel panics :-(


have tried to boot up from several DVD versions (JaS, uphuck) but the build-in combo drive seems to have no support for dvd-bootcode.

so i switched to my older pc (medion) and prepared the harddrive with an OSX86 installation (only system copy).

after swapping the hdd into the frontman booting starts but stops with kernel panics at different points.

even the verbose, safe and single user modes brought no success at all.


does anyone have also such a PC and OSX86 running on it?

could somone give me suggestions to solve this "puzzle"?



attached i generated a system report using XP/Everest showing all hardware specs of the machine.

i checked the HCL's on the OSX86 Wiki - according to my understanding it should be possible to run OSX86 on that machine.


thanks in advance to the whole OSX86 community out there




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