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Disk I/O error on install


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This is so seird, I am trying to install the uphuck DVD on my Dell Inspiron 6000 (SSE2).


I just cannot understand what is going on. I used to have this machine triple booting into XP Pro, Ubuntu & 10.4.4 no problem. I decided to wipe it, just like normal, created 2 partitions for system & data, reinstalled Windows XP and left it at that. So, about 3 months ago I tried to install 10.4.8, but Disk utility shows a disk input/output error. I have changed nothing in the hardware setup, no BIOS updates, nothing...I have all the JAS releases, practically every OSX86 install disk there is out there, and they all have the same thing, Disk input/output error.


I tried the original disk that installed OK, but same thing. I'm installing on a Hitachi 80GB drive.


Any ideas?? Thanks all...

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