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  1. I've been browsing the forums for a while and O know there are so many different combinations of hardware and installs, but is there one particular system that is guaranteed to work? I know there are companies that supply open computers for installs of OSX86, but I wondered if anyone in here could give a spec list. Basically I run music workshops and I have 8 iMacs (new ones) and 4 MacBooks and a shedload of data to manage and I was toying with the idea of buying an xserve to manage data, but it's just too expensive. Companies like Aria have got intel based machines for just over £100 now, so what I was thinking was buying something for under £200, putting one dedicated system drive and 3x1TB drives in there, because at the moment I've got 5 external drives that are hanging off 2 machines as shares on the network and I want to consolidate this into 1 machine. Any advice would be great, many thanks!
  2. Seeing as I've had 10.4.4 and other versions of OSX86 working OK on my Dell Inspiron 6000 (albeit with no wireless or power off when I shut the lid), I cannot get this to install no matter what I've tried. I've been off work today and tried about 10 different combos of installs, and all I get every time is a black screen with flashing cursor in top left. I erase the drive between attempts. I'm getting a bit frustrated now and was wondering if anyone can help with a few tips? Thanks all!
  3. Hmnnn, not much interest in this thread I see...I thought people would really want to know what would wor easily...as far as Colonel's concerned, not sure if you get the point mate...and for the record I already have a G4 digital audio, Macbook & 20" intel Core Dui iMac, so it's not about that...cheers all.
  4. So, what I want to know, is what machine spec would you build to ONLY RUN OSX86? This should be grouped into price categories, based on current (at time of posting) cheapest internet prices. I'm from the UK, so these prices are in pounds, but the dollar is basically 2 to 1 for the pound at the minute (more or less), so just double the amount for dollars. This is for all price ranges, and I'm including a second hand section detailing what you could get for the money (on average) This should be quite interesting, as it could be a good guide for anyone wanting to step into the Mac world, with a compatible machine for the cheapest amount. SO: Group 1, NEW PRICES: A:Under £200 ($400) B:Under £300 ($600) C:Under £400 ($800) D:Under £500 ($1000) Group 2: SECOND HAND Any price! Just list a full tower system. I don't think it's worth going any higher, cos you might as well just go out and get a Mac! Also, this should be split into Laptop & Desktop. Try to order your replies in a logical way, so every couple of days maybe a Mod can collate the results (or me) to get a great guide. An indication of performance on tested rigs would be good as well. Please watch this space for continued posts. Thanks, Waxer.
  5. Anyone else get this? I have had an older build of OSX86 running on this laptop no problem, but now I get this input/output disk error when I try to format the drive...total pain in the arse. I have not changed any hardware, BIOS is the same, all firmware is the same, and I can install Windows or Linux perfectly... Any ideas greatly appreciated, god I'm pissed off with Windows, and this is the only Windows box I have out of 6 machines all on OS X, and it's the one I need the most! Many thanks all, see ya!
  6. This is so seird, I am trying to install the uphuck DVD on my Dell Inspiron 6000 (SSE2). I just cannot understand what is going on. I used to have this machine triple booting into XP Pro, Ubuntu & 10.4.4 no problem. I decided to wipe it, just like normal, created 2 partitions for system & data, reinstalled Windows XP and left it at that. So, about 3 months ago I tried to install 10.4.8, but Disk utility shows a disk input/output error. I have changed nothing in the hardware setup, no BIOS updates, nothing...I have all the JAS releases, practically every OSX86 install disk there is out there, and they all have the same thing, Disk input/output error. I tried the original disk that installed OK, but same thing. I'm installing on a Hitachi 80GB drive. Any ideas?? Thanks all...
  7. I'm not a noob and have had OSX86 running on my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop before, triple booting with Windows XP & Ubuntu. I'm always tinkering snd have had several builds of Vista/Linux on there, and have decided to go back to the os x86/win xp pro/ubuntu setup. The last time I did this, OS X was on 10.4.4, and I had no problems getting the triple boot. When I try to install OS X now, I get a disk input/output error in disk utility. I've tried using the original DVD (10.4.4) I had and get the same thing...I have no idea what is happening, I've used the Hitachi tool to check the drive, it's fine, I've used avery HDD tool you can imagine on Hiren's boot disk to make sure it's OK, and everything is fine. I've just used GParted live CD to partition it again in preparation and I have now stopped to see if I get a response in here... I shouldn't have to do any of this, as I was going to just do it the easy way and use the entire disk for OS X...I'm installing from the JAS 10.4.8 AMD & Intel SSE2 & SSE3 image. Disk utility sees my internal hard drive, I try to erase it and format it as Mac extended, then I get the error. Totally wierd...can anyone else help? Many thanks!
  8. Nah, it's not this problem...I saw this thread before. I tried installing with the same DVD I had previously used that had worked and got this problem, it's definitely the disk drive, although I really can't understand why, as otherwise it's fine...I flashed the BIOS on the laptop just in case there was anything wrong, used various disk tools to format the drive, tried everything...the only thing I haven't tried is a different drive in the machine... Cheers!
  9. I just downloaded the new JAS .iso DVD for SSE2 & SSE3 CPUs, version 10.4.8, for Intel & AMD. I'm after some help, as I get a disk i/o error when I use disk utility to try to partition the hard drive. It sees my internal drive no problem, and I have had this drive running Windows XP, Ubuntu & OSX86 (10.4.6 I think) no problem. Something seems to have changed, but I don't know what. I haven't messed with OSX86 for about 6 months, but now I'm keen to get it working again. Windows XP is currently on the machine and sees no disk problems. I have used Acronis disk director to analyse the disk, and also Partition magic, and all come back with clean results. I have made no physical changes to the system, and cannot understand why it used top work, but doesn't now. Any help would be great, cheers, Steve.
  10. What network cards work?

    No joy on a Dell Inspiron 6000 with Broadcom 440x wired port or Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG using the Goatsecx install DVD of 10.4.6. I'm gonna try the JAS disk patched using PPF Omatic 3. I'llpost back when I've tried it................
  11. UnOfficial Dell Inspiron 6000 Thread

    I have the Inspiron 6000, 512MB RAM/80GB HDD/1.87ghz Intel Centrino. I followed the installation guide on this site for 10.4.6, and amazingly all went well, worked first time. I have full functionality (I may have to hack the power settings yet), but no networking at all, wired, wireless or bluetooth (PCMCIA card by Belkin). I see a previous reply in this thread mentions a plist file, will that work on the Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG? The wired network adapter is a broadcom 440x, anyone got that working? Thanks