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Theres is no way to install OS X on this mashine


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Hey guys

I've been following this forum for some time now and try allmost every release of os X but there is no way for me to install.

First of all I tried to install it with vmware but no help.

I tried to install it plain and simple but doesnt see my disks.

Last one I tried was uphuck 10.4.9 DVD v1.3

Heres my configuration


AMD X2 4200+ am2

Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4

Gigabyte 7900GS

2x1gb Kingston 800mhz DDR2

3x300GB SataII WD HDD

Pineer 112D DVDRW

225BW Samsung 22" Wide

G5 Mouse

G15 Keyboard


Is there any way to install OS X on this conf ?

Its nothing exotic.

Any help would be appreciated.

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hey mad_max0204.


there is a way to install mac osx on ur config but it will be a big pain in the rear end. first of all your cpu is like mine, i have had alot of trouble trying to get my computer goin with mac aswell, so far no luck. the first thing im gonna suggest is finding an IDE hard drive, at the moment mac isnt to keen on nforce 5,so therefor it wont see any of your sata disks. i had the same problem as u until i found an old IDE hard drive.


The best thing i suggest to do is dig up an old hard drive and plug it up, if it see's your disk in disk ultity then great your 1/3 of the way there ;) . if it see's your disk then get back to us and we can try get ur mac goin. if not then please reply so we know :D


good luck!

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Thanks man

Thanks something I've had in mind. I'm looking for ATA drive as we speak. Will report shortly.


I allways wanted to have Mac but those are not popular around here and you cant get them in stores.

Its bit different nowadays but still they cost about 2 times more than normal PC.

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i recommend using an ATA drive b/c most SATA controllers are not natively supported... in addition, u should probably boot up with idlehalt=0 to help w/ core management and prevent CPU hangs... hit F8 before install DVD loads up or before mac OS X starts loading; enter into the boot prompt

platform=X86PC idlehalt=0 -v

this will enable a verbose boot so that u can see if it hangs anywhere; give it time (fyi: crash reporter always loads, don't worry about it) if this works, PM me and i'll show you how to add it to your default boot so u don't have to enter it every time

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I thought about installing OS X via vmware but using partition instead of directory. Can this in some way be done ?

I install OS X on partition via vmware, set up all the drivers and then make that partition bootable ??

Anyone did something like this or thinks its possible ??


Just a thought.

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