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1 Hard Drive, 2 Partitions, 2 File Systems


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I have a 320GB HD that I'm going to be working on. I need to know how I format one partition HFS+ and one NTFS.


I'll be runnign Vista and OS X.


right now Vista is running.. is it possible i can go without having to erase everything on the drive?

if not, i can deal with it.


Would I just pop the disk in (OS X x86) and go to disk utility?


would disk utility give me the options to format the different partions w/ different maps?


haven't done this for a while, brushing up on a little.




oh, and..

I would be able to choose which OS i would want to boot from ultimately w/o grub, right? when the PC is starting up.. it's a home made PC if that matters..



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You can partition it with just about anything, but formatting will need to be done in two different utilities since I don't know of one that formats for both NTFS and HFS+. If you partition in Disk Utility, just make sure you click on "options," and choose "Master Boot Record" rather than Apple Partition Scheme or whatever. I'd recommend formatting the NTFS partition first if you're going to format that one in Windows. I'm not sure about the standard Windows formatter, but the one on the install CD deleted my OS X partition without asking (well, it asked...just after it deleted it. lol).


There are ways to partition it without losing data. In Windows you can use Partition Magic. In Linux you can use Qtparted (found on the Ultimate Boot CD).

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