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Possible to fix dvd error?

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Hey im fairly new to Mac osx86 and linux and all that but i have a question. quite a while ago i downloaded a 10.4.8 JaS dvd.. but after inserting it and rebooting i found out it was a beta v2 dvd and it didnt have ppfv1 or 2, so i downloaded another dvd which sad JaS 10.4.8 with ppf1 and 2. so i put it in but i get an error saying : "error parsing plist". The thing is the Beta2 dvd boots and installs fine, but the new one doesnt :S?


i have installed the beta 2 with no problems, it boots and i am able to press F8 to select options, its just during the install it said " affter the install finishes, press f* (which i assume is F8) and type in -v -s then ./patcher 10.4.8.AMD.CPUID.txt. thing is it doesnt find it :rolleyes:. and if i dont go to the cmd line thing, it gets a kernel panic.


ive heard for my mother board (m2n-sli deluxe) that i need ppf1 or 2, and that my cpu (AMD 4200+ AM2) works fine with the patches. i was wondering if it is possible to copy over somethhings maybe to fix the plist error on my new dvd? to make the new dvd bootable and installable.


if it isnt possible, is there a way to fix the kernel panic, i have searched the forums quite a bit lately, and people saying to download PPf1 from demonoid but i cant find it, im assuming u have to register, but registering is closed, theyre only accepting invitations. Could soemone please help it either boot, or help fix my second dvd?


Thanks in advanced.

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