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uphuck. which options do i choose? HELP


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Im installing (uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3) on a prescott p4 (intell p4 524)

and there are 8 different options for the kernel

-intel SSE2

-intel SSE3 -1

-intel SSE3 -2

-AMD sse2

-AMD sse3

-Universal Kernel -1

-Universal Kernel -2

-Universal Kernal -3

there is a checkbox next to each one. which do i need to click?


which do i click of the patches section




-Remove CPUPowerManagement kext

-Remove Thermal kexts


also i have an agp nvidia fx5500 graphics card

there are 4 different options for graphics

-Natit 0.1

-Natit 0.2


-nVidia mobility


can you take a look at the attached screenshot. do i need anything from "AGPGart" down to "PC Card"? and do i need "intel Speedstep" or "coreduoTemp"??


im new at this stuff and i really want to get this right and at optimal performance.


do i NEED any of the things on the 2nd (smaller picture) list for performance?



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