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Vmware work OK, but can't boot on real machine. need help...

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Hi everybody. I;m really stuck and need your help.

I've got Tiger 10.4.6 installed on VMW. It works fine. OS installed on separate physical IDE drive with two partitions, both are HFS+. Virtual machine is Windows NT. It was installed on VMW because of cant finde com.apple.Boot.plist issue when i tried to boot from DVD.

But i totally can't boot real machine from this drive - this Still waiting for root device is appears whatever i do (incl.everything from this tread).:(


MB: asus p5b

CPU: Intel Core2 duo

HD: IDE Western Digital. (set as 'master')

DVD: IDE....(set as 'slave')


Any help is appreciated. Please, suggest something. I'm really stuck.

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