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  1. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    Thank's for your respond. I did as You suggested and the following is shown on console: ... 07.05.12 11:44:02,000 kernel: AGPM: GPU = GFX0 G-state set to 2 from 1, ControlID = 18 07.05.12 11:44:08,000 kernel: AGPM: GPU = GFX0 G-state set to 3 from 2, ControlID = 18 07.05.12 11:44:11,000 kernel: AGPM: GPU = GFX0 G-state set to 0 from 3, ControlID = 18 ... and so on. So i beleive states are switching ok. as i can see those changes are going fast enough (I mean, changes apply fast) I'll try now to find that tread concerning AGPM. UPD: I've made changes in AGPM from that topic, and it didn't help... Nothing changed at all.
  2. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    yes, this kext is loaded as i can see in the system information. Will try to remove it now and reboot to se if it helped. update: so, my AppleLPC.kext is gone (what is this, btw?)), but everything is still the same
  3. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    Hi. Yeap, it was okay before I accidentally updated to 10.7.3. Nope, th CPU loaded as usual, iStat shows normal behavior and nothing heavy is loaded in Activity Monitor list. I have sleep and speedstep working ok, different benches display a proper values for i7, so I believe the CPU side is apart from this issue. An as I mentioned in 1st post, if i boot in safe mode, GUI runs much smoother with no hw acceleration. When in normal mode I guess the system thinks that card is online, so all the graphics job has to be done with it and cpu abandons to make a deal with it.) but video card can not make it the right way some how. if it important I use DVI connected HP monitor @1920x1200
  4. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    OpenCL OceanWave shows me 41.62 fps, which is sad, I guess. Also only CUDA-Z can see a clock of the card, the others show 0Mhz. That card used to work ok in 10.7.1 though.(
  5. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    hey, thanks for the respond. I realize that this card is not the best one, but it's ok for the work now. But, I can't make it run smooth in user interface and any apps also. Mac runs "steppy", if You know what I mean. I tried a Cuda-z, and get the same result as yours for first two screens, but the third one differs. idk what does it mean
  6. Zotac GT-520 - works but definitely not as it suppose to

    AGPM is now loaded and has proper strings in it. so, no one can help, i guess?
  7. Hello everyone. Asking for the help, because I can not solve this by myself keeping try for a 2 weeks. I have Zotac GT-520 PCI card and I can not make it work properly after updating to 10.7.3. Symptoms: the UI is sloooowwww, windows minimize by steps, quickview also opens pictures by 4-5 noticeable steps. What I did: - card is turned on by DSDT - card's id is in AppleGraphicPowerManagement but this kext doesn't load as I can see. - card's id is in NVDAGF100Hal.kext - turn on OpenCL by modifiing GeForceGLDriver.bundle the menu bar is translucent, the water ripples in dashboard presents. Cinebench shows me 13 fps, Luxmark (GPUs and Accelerators only checkbox) - 38 (and shows clock: 0 Mhz) If I boot in safemode, acceleration doesn't start but UI runs much faster (not so smooth, but much faster) Any additional info will be provided if needed. Thank's in advance and sorry for my poor English(
  8. GMA950 27a2 Vaio UX,TX ( IT'S WORKING NOW )

    I'm tired to fight it and ask to help: have 10.6.2 on vaio-ux. Had no luck with video (more advanced effect I've managed to get is totally screwed screen) until I found this topic. now I have light gray screen after boot. I beleive the system is on, because when I click Power lever and then press "Enter" - computer shuts down in 15 seconds (acts like it should). I have no external monitor to see weather it works and I can't even boot in -x mode for some reason. I use 8 kexts from first post + AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext from this post Also, as off topic, I'd like to ask Neos to share the method to install 10.6 on vaio-ux. I use Snowleopard enabler from MSI, but I believe there a lot of unnecessary kexts are loads. Thank You in advance
  9. SL killing my DVD drive [solved]

    Hi. Looks like the 10.6.1 update saved my DVD. After this is done (using builtin Software Update) DVD tray came back to normal work. does Apple make updates for hacintoshes already?
  10. SL killing my DVD drive [solved]

    i'm sorry abiut Your drive. so, for now I live w/o dvd (have about 30 gigs on different usb-flash drives), but.... if there is a problem, why didn't I see same reports before and is there anybody tries to solve it? I wish I could, but I don't thnka I've got enough knows about. All i can is to try another drive and see if it helps.
  11. Hi everybody. Tried to find solution by myself, but never sow somebody reports about the same issue I've 10.6.0 retail installed, and everything was works OOB (except of sound, but it's ok now), BUT: when I open the DVD drive (no matter which way: by hardware button or using keyboard combination) it opens very fast and keeps trying to eject it more (drive keeps buzzing) untill I press the button again. Than it stops to buzz but tray stays ejected. Press the button again - drive tries to eject the tray again. There is no way to close the drive but put it back manually (OS things that tray is open anyway). If I boot 10.5.7 - it works alrgight. I don't even know the way to look finding a solution. MB is Asus p5b, DVD - some simple ASUS (SATA). Any help will be appreciated 10.6.1 update make this issue disappered
  12. Hi, have leo 10.5.4 on P5B, but only 1-st and 2-nd SATA ports are detects by system and other two are not. installed using boot-123 with retail 10.5.0 - upd to 10.5.4 please, suggest something. thanks. sorry if it was discussed before. [upd] solved. turn SATA into ACHI mode in BIOS. thanks...
  13. Hey, any news about pour vga-minitor users like me? Resolution still can't be changed?
  14. mac.nub, thanks for your respond! As i can see there is no solution for resolution/refresh issue... So, as far as i can do nothing in those kexts/plists by myself i'm forced to wait more.
  15. i wish i know where to give a try. but i don't