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Jas 1.4.9 installed but


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Thank you for your attention.

I had a old install of 1.4.5 (or something like that) on a seperate HD (no other OS on it)

Then i thought i should "upgrade" to a newer version so i found Jas 1.4.9

Put in the DVD boot installed without problems.

Could login with my old PW on the OSX...but when i click the about MAC button to find out if its the right version i was logged out.....(first strange thing)

When i go to to Internet i found out my PCI realtek NIC 81** is not found.(was working on the old Jas)

Should i format the HD and make the installation again? How to format a HD when booting?

Or is there another patch i need to run?

And is there a way to get my soundcard running?

Questions questions questions.......


Thanks in advance for your help!!!





My System


P4 2.0 GHz

1 Gig of Ram

Nvidia GFX Card

Soundblaster X-FI

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