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SheepShaver - Emulator for Mac OS 9.0.4


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Can you tell me what your changes to the orginal SheepShaver program from http://gwenole.beauchesne.info/en/projects/sheepshaver are?

I can't get your version 2.4 to run on my Hackintosh (it crashes while switching video), while the 2.3 version from the original developer' site runs perfectly.


I would also like to point out, that although it might seem silly after all those years, the ROM file you included in the download is still protected property from Apple.

I also see no reference in the included macosx86.rtf file to the developer of the SheepShaver Prefs application, nor the original SheepShaver developer. (I don't know if that is needed, as their names appear in the source code. But not everyone downloads and reads through that.)


Best wishes,


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i'd like to start a new project from the original sheepshaver code.

to do this i'll need people willing to help with:


- copyright's (rom, frameworks and other stuff)

- new code, this is a very old version...

- install/setup instructions


the 2.4 version was changed for osx86 only and should work with the apple rom.


if you can't run it, check the console->console.log for the logs or download from svn and rebuild the project

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