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Using chain0.. Help..

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ok i installed chain0 to my c:\ directory fine and edited my boot.ini file to show Windows XP and OS X

it auto loads xp just like i want it however when i select os x the only way i can get it to boot is if i spam f8 or edit the darwin time out so i can select os x again from there..

ive done research and i found that darwin auto boots the active partition and of course my xp one is active.. or else chain0 wouldnt work..(am i right about that?)

however i did read that if i go to the com.apple.Boot.plist and add

<key>Kernel Tags</key>

(i only have one hd and os x in installed on the 4th partition.. ive checked..)

it will auto load the partition you choose in that line of code.. however it isnt working.. still loads my xp (active) partition..




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please? anybody?

i searched the formes many times and still havnt found the answer...

also is there a good gui boot manager.. possibly besides acronis.. that will work?

ive tried gag and win xp works but no matter what i try.. i cant get os x to boot from it.. hfs+ partition errors... even if the os x partition is active..

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When I had XP what i did is, when pc boots up after post, pc just hangs for about 5 secs checking 4 cd in drive, during that time, i pressed down,enter,f8 at my own speed and ten after blinking, darwin bootloader pops op.


Now |I have Vista and chain0 aint workin 4 me, i press f8 and nothin happens,



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