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How well would an ATI Radeon 9200 SE work?

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I'm currently downloading this ISO image:


Since my internet connection is very slow, I want to check whether my hardware works with OSx86.

Most of my hardware is fairly generic:


Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz Williamette. No SSE3, only SSE2

Intel D850 motherboard(can't remember the exact code name)

Ensoniq PCI sound card. How well would this one work too?

ATI Radeon 9200 SE (It's AGP)


I searched around this forum, apparently no one has this same card, and I couldn't get anything straight from those who had similar cards, since most were for older versions of OSx86.



So what I'm asking is


-Would my card work fully(even if with hacks) with OSx86? ( That means Quartz Extreme, and OpenGL. Also, what's this CI thing you guys mention?)

-What, if any, hacks or extra drivers would it need for it to work?


Also, I get pointed by a lot of threads here to some site about Callisto. What is it? I couldn't find out since the link I went to wasn't working.



Thanks a lot guys in advance,

Extreme Coder

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and it's not possible to make it work better in 2D graphics without CI or QE? I've been reading about this


9200/9250 patchers - Enables resolution switching, enables AGP, installs ATI Radeon drivers for the ATI 9000 Radeon Mobility. No QE, CI or hardware OpenGL.


9200 - (faster 2D acceleration, but no 1400x1050 res) here


9200 - (Slower, but 1400x1050 res works) here


9250 - (untested, CallistoHAL device ID 5960) here




but the links doesn't work. Although i've seen in other forums that it's possible to flash the graphic card to make osx to recognise like a native graphics card, because this graphics card was the mac mini card with less memory

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