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  1. You could try to install 10.5 client and then: - backup mach_kernel and needed kexts - upgrade (not re-install) 10.5 server, - go in single user mode from dvd , place back mach_kernel and kexts - pray this works.
  2. I have the same card as you, and havent been able to get it working since last year. So i gave it up, on this card the best you can have is vesa-mode.
  3. Make Apple TV OS run on a regular PC?

    I restored it to an external drive, and lets see what we get when booting an imac for this drive. It seems that as of this moment there is no hardware support for anything else than the apple tv itself. Getting the still waiting for root device message, seems an indicator to that.
  4. Why does anyone want to buy this?

    because it is running some form of OS X (possibly 10.5 , hence the use of core animation) on common hardware Pentium M , Intel 945G , Geforce Go 7300. So possibly what was done with Tiger to make it OSX86 , might be done with Apple TV OS too. Building your own Hackintosh TV mediacenter.
  5. GTA Vice City goes back to desktop after the intro movies Heroes of Might and Magic V , creates a blue screen of death. It crashes pretty hard almost immediately after starting the executable. Direct3D test in dxdiag does work good for directx 7, 8 HW-accelerated but 9 causes white flickering screen around the spinning cube.
  6. [HOW TO] Install Darwine on 10.4.6

    Wine must be run through the X11 terminal, not the normal terminal. Hope that helps .
  7. Now testing VMware-Fusion-e.x.p-41385 beta which has support for directx 8.1 Search and find it on demonoid.
  8. Heroes of Might and Magic V

    It's out now!! http://www.freeverse.com/heroes5/
  9. cider powered game?

    It's out! check http://www.freeverse.com/heroes5/
  10. OS X for SSE (qemu)

    What we need is minimal Darwin 8.8.1 compiled for SSE only, which is possible as we have the source. Also all darwin < 7.x.x was SSE i think. So i assume not much code does rely on SSE2, maybe only some simple checks. A CPU kernelextension which intercepts SSE2 calls and translates them to SSE / (3dnow!) , much like Semthex has done with SSE3 emulation in the 8.8.1 kernel. SSE2 has 144 instructions more than SSE which has 70. But most of those SSE2 instructions deal with double precision, and its questionable how much we need them. The source of qemu might be useful for a list of translations of simd instructions.
  11. ATI Radeon Easy-Installer - BETA

    I took a look at the ATIRadeon8500.kext from Darwin 8.0.1 x86. This kext is Intel only. Not Universal or PPC. These are the matching id's i found in the info.plist: 0x514C1002 CHIP_R200 "ATI Radeon QL R200 8500 LE" 0x516C1002 Chip Number: R200 Chip Description: Radeon 8500 / 8500LE 0x4C661002 CHIP_R250|CHIP_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon Lf R250 Mobility 9000 M9" 0x49661002 CHIP_R250 "ATI Radeon If R250 9000" 0x59601002 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200" 0x59611002 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200 SE" 0x5C631002 CHIP_RV280|CHIP_IS_MOBILITY "ATI Radeon RV280 Mobility"(Mobility Radeon 9200) 0x49671002 CHIP_R250 "ATI Radeon Ig R250 9000" 0x59621002 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200" 0x59631002 CHIP_RV280 "ATI Radeon RV280 9200" I added the corresponding names for the cards.
  12. cider powered game?

    Heroes of Might and Magic 5 should be out in 2 weeks for intel-macs. It is one of the first games ported using cider, and I think Ubisoft can be seen as a "big company".
  13. 10.4.3 - Kernel Panic on Boot

    I have the same motherboard as you. Disable HyperTreading and put the hard disk and dvd both on master on different ide channels. That should work i think. If you want my exact BIOS settings, let me know.
  14. i had this problem too, with a fresh install from jas 10.4.8 (8.8.1) , turned out i had turn off all my powersaving functions. I had some line in the linux dmesg output that could have something to do with it. "[17179599.932000] apm: disabled - APM is not SMP safe." So i guess it is an APM problem. at boot type: this will give you 1280x1024 resolution at 32 bit color.
  15. having members here enter their system-specs in a form that is linked to their account, would give you quickly a extremely useful database of osx86-hardware. And can also be used as signature information as many members are doing now themselfes.