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Before I install, can anyone help?


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I've got a few questions, since after I searched I could not find any answers.


Now the first time I tried to install it I :hysterical: up my comp because I was to stupid to know how to partition correctly.


The second time, I didn't customize and decided to just not do it.


So, a long time later, here's number 3 with a 10.4.8 with an update to 10.4.9. I was just wondering:


1.My network adapter is made by intel. Is this supported?


2.Is sigmatel audio supported?


I'm sure the important stuff (keyboard, display, etc.) is pretty generic enough to be supported from the get-go.


Oh, and:


3. If one of those aren't supported officially, is there a 3rd party driver? Is there anything special I'd need to do?


4. Virtual PC and Darwine are free right? Gotta run my Zune software :hysterical:

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yea tomatoes for the zune owner ^^


to be honest i dont have any knowledge u dont seem to have; i just wanted to say that keyboard, mouse and display all worked from the start for me; only problem is i got a quite old radeon card on this pc i wana use for osx and im afraid i wont be able to go above 1024x768 which is the only mode supported at the moment;


audio is the same problem you have; i cant seem to find anything useful although my onboard sound is a quite common one from realtek that shouldnt be too hard to have a driver; i just cant write it myself ^^

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