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AMD _ SATA + Boot issue


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my sys config.


AMD 3200+ venice , ASUS A8n VM (graphics Chipset MB)

1gb ram

120 gb SATA


i am not able to boot directly mac os .... i have 10.4.8.....


why i am not able to boot directly.... because my sata drive ??


if i fix with ide drive... can i boot ............... ?


which HDD drive is best for mac os.. ide or SATA.......


can anyone explain ?



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Guest Snowski

Installing from DVD will indeed be impossible since it needs the SATA drivers on install. You will need to create an install on a PATA drive and then clone it with hatchery (hackintosh mode) to the SATA drive.

Also make sure all the IDE channels are enabled cause disabling those slows down my OSX86 boot process by a lot.


Good luck lad!

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