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  1. Seems the Safari crashes have been fixed with new driver.
  2. -aKy-

    ALC889a - No Sound on ML DP4

    Ok Sound works, thanks to James. Only need to get my microphone working now.
  3. When Lion GM was released, I also was able to update the GM Version via Software Update.
  4. Shold work on MacBook, but without QE/CI, so it's quite useless , we have to stick with Lion I think.
  5. As far as I have noticed its impossible to get QE/CI working in ML at the moment. ML ist 64 Bit only OS, every 32 Bit code has been stripped off. I don't know how far we can get with the kexts from 10.6.2 as they were the only ones that had 64 Bit code inside. I'd really like to install ML on my late 2007 Macbook but it's useless without 100% working graphics to me.
  6. I had to remove NV* Kexts on my Installation USB Stick to be able to install. After first Boot I installed newest Chameleon and NV* Kexts again, everythings working perfectly. GTX 570. USB Stick created with MyHack 3.1.2
  7. Its because of your 8800GTX, only 8xxx Cards are affected by this. Worked well under snowy but not with Lion. At least i swapped my card, got a GTX 570 now and Problems are gone.
  8. -aKy-

    Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    im using newest flash from adobe now but switched to opera, because of of freezes that occur sometimes when playing games oder watching a flash video in safari. using original 10.7.1 drivers now because system is way more stable, no freezes anymore. but it's really bad that i can't use safari anymore.
  9. -aKy-

    Safari - flash plugin und reload errors

    I had excactly the same problem when installing GM, everythin was fine with DP4 before. Taking a look into the Console i noticed that my Graphics Card could be the problem, or at least the drivers (im using a 8800GTX). So i reinstalled Graphics Drivers from DP4, everything is working now.
  10. -aKy-

    New DP Build out.

    No Problems here, but had to delete the GeForce7xxx / NVDAResman7xxx kexts to get the System working because of my 8800 GTX, otherwise the Finder would crash constantly.
  11. Checked again and waited for more than 10 minutes, but system didn't hibernate. How long do you think it could take?
  12. Can confirm that this fix works, but I noticed that Auto-Sleep won't work correct. Monitor will turn off, but the PC won't shut down, the fans keep spinning. But in order to get back to the desktop, I have to "wake" up the system like I do when i put it into sleep manually. Update: for testing Auto-sleep i put it to sleep after one minute in system prefs, reverted it after testing, but the system still trys to sleep after one minute. Maybe anyone could check if this happens on other machines too? Will try unpatched AppleRTC and report back. Update 2: Reverted back to original RTC, put it to never sleep and patched again to have manual sleep functionality, PC won't sleep after one minute now.
  13. -aKy-

    Anyone installed DP4?

    For your 8800GTS, did you try NVEnabler64? (Don't know if the GF7xxx /NVDAResman7xxx kexts are needed now) Installed DP 4 now, using my DSDT from DP 3, had deleted AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext ind DP 3, i think that was the reason for sleep not working, left it in S/L/E now in DP 4 and sleep now works too.