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Mac Pro -> Asus EN7600 GS

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Hello Guys,


i just order an new Mac Pro G5 with the cheap Nvidia 7300,


now i was wondering if i could also provide my mac additionally with an Asus EN7600 GS,


I found a Website where the hackintosh flash for that card is provided,


do you have any concern that my desired setup would not work?


I guess i would have to intall natit to get the card workin within an original mac.


Any ideas?


The reason for my setup: I need support for three screen,

which is not delivered by a single video card, so i am getting a second,

but before i buy another 7300 i would appreciate a card with a little extra power to use

for both working and gaming.


I know that xp would boot with the card within an Mac Pro.




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