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  1. Hello Guys, i just order an new Mac Pro G5 with the cheap Nvidia 7300, now i was wondering if i could also provide my mac additionally with an Asus EN7600 GS, I found a Website where the hackintosh flash for that card is provided, do you have any concern that my desired setup would not work? I guess i would have to intall natit to get the card workin within an original mac. Any ideas? The reason for my setup: I need support for three screen, which is not delivered by a single video card, so i am getting a second, but before i buy another 7300 i would appreciate a card with a little extra power to use for both working and gaming. I know that xp would boot with the card within an Mac Pro. Thanks, Lx
  2. SLI 2x 6600 GT (0x014010de)

    Hello all, i am trying to get my mobo (asus a8n-sli) workin with two gigabyte 6600 GT cards. if i remove one card, i get it workin, on both outputchannels dvi/sub. everything works except opengl, but that doesn´t worry me i also tried to figuring out on which pci-e interrupt both cards read (done that with ubuntu -> lspci) first: 0xb8000000 irg=3 second: 0xb0000000 irq=5 there is no impact if i change the iopcimatch accordingly to 0x014010de&amp0xb0000000 and 0x014010de&amp0xb8000000 in NV..40 and NV..RE by the way i used Natit 0.02. I know there are not a lot of people workin with > 2 Monitors... please help me getting rid of microsoft... greetz, Alex