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Installer DVD reboots


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Hi 1st of all let me say im new here and hi 2 all


i have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v3515 with hardware specs of


Intel Celeron 430, 1.6Ghz - SSE2/SSE3 Reported on cpuz / other 1 is Intel Celeron 450 2.0Ghz

1GB ram

Atheros AR5005G

Generic sony DVD+-RW

Northbridge Via VN896 Chipset

Via VN896 Chrome 9 HC IGP 256MB Graphics Card

VT82378A HD Audio

Maxtor 120GB sata HDD

USING jas 10.4.7 Intel, AMD, SSE2, SSE3


well i think that it for the specs needed


my problem is when booting from the DVD installer the apple spalsh will just show for 2sec then reboot

this is happening with my 2 laptop but on my desktop same specs only using a old via MB works fine

pls help i realy wanna try mac os x 1st b4 i get a real macbook thanks and sorry 4 my bad english

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People pass by because they're tired of doing other people's (mostly newbies) work for them time and time again.


If you don't know how to do something then you can try to find out how in this forum by using the search function appropriately (use logical switches and quotes to narrow down your results) and by browsing the WIKI. Yes, that may be a boring thing to do but trust me, you will learn many important things along the way (and it's a thing we all had to go through).





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hello I have the same laptop


I installed Jas 10.4.8 after patching the DVD image with 10.4.8.ASRock775Vsta.zip wich contains the Via Sata controllers and the Via Rhine II network card drivers.


After that I modified Powermanagement.bundle for battery support, and Added PCI ID to Azalia Audio driver to have the audio (only speakers)


The wifi should work cause it's an Atheros 5005G and it's well supported under osx86 but I couldn't make it work.


After all that , still the main problem is the driver for graphic card acceleration and DVD playback, I don't find it, this card is even hard to setup under linux, so I think I'll remove osx86 from my laptop, next time I'll buy one more compatible ;)


Good Luck

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