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ah, the ever-argued question

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hello, i'm new, don't flame me for being a n00b.

i'm looking into buying a new notebook this summer.

first, my instinct was to be a cheap, 1.6 ghz-range dual core PC.

after spending some time with a 450mhz G3 iMac [which outperforms my 1.7ghz celeron], i'm ready to make the switch to mac.


here's the question:

would it be more worth my money to get a somewhat cheaper PC and put OSX86 on it, or get a Macbook for a bit more cash and use Bootcamp to put XP on it?

My main use here is audio. Garageband/Logic are my biggest tools, my main priorities on real time MIDI and recording and such. Things my G3 handles quite well, it's just a little old.


Macbook or PCbook?

Which is more worth its money?

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