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Check my desktop, Playing Warcraft!


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So its funny?


Whats the point of any thing if you think about it.


The point was my Toons name is 0SX86.


Whats the point of http://www.myspace.com/r2kproducer lol...


Why put in your SIG any way.


ok man,chill out ...

you should put your screen in Your OS X Desktop theme ,first of all ...

this have no reason to be in application forum,because it`s just funny,sorry but that`s no good reason ...

3. i will not open new theme just to say "look i have my space,it`s so funny" ...







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while your around, can you move this topic to the "post my desktop" thread or even delete it altogether?

It was my mistake in posting in the wrong topic.


Thanks! :P


I think it's fine in applications, since it's about WoW (which is an application ;)). Plus, merging this thread that the Post your desktop thread will just make it all confusing...


- Sb.

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