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Installers unexpectedly quitting

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Hey guys, I have a 3.0ghz dual intel mac, and I'm having problems installing one particular piece of software called Digital Performer. Unfortunately, the makers of the software claim it shouldn't happen so they don't know how to fix it!!! I just did the 10.4.9 combo intel update and that did not help. Has anyone else had this problem??? thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Please don't waste your money or torrent time on Pacifist when there is an easy, free way. Follow this method if it is an installer package:


1. Right click the package and select Show Contents


2. Navigate to the large Archive file.


3. Copy that file somewhere other than the place where it currently is


4. Open the file (it will decompress)


5. Follow the exact file paths and drop them right where they should go.




If the file isn't an installer package, this method will not work and you will need to take other measures that I don't know about to install them.

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