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How to: Safari 3 on pre-10.4.9


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Since a lot of people are running OS versions older than 10.4.9 on their Hackintosh, and might not want to update just to install Safari, I thought I'd post how to get Safari 3 beta in earlier versions.


Backup these files before beginning:

* Safari in /Applications

* Dock.app in /System/Library/CoreServices

* WebKit.framework in /System/Library/Frameworks

* JavaStriptGlue.framework in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks


* Download Safari 3 beta

* Download Pacifist

* Drag Safari3Beta.pkg into Pacifist

* In Pacifist, right click on Safari.app, and choose "Install to Default Location" choose "replace" if you still have the old Safari in Applications. Just make sure you have a backup first.

* Right click on Dock.app and choose install. This time select "update"

* Install JavaScriptCore.framework (shouldn't already exist on the system)

* Install WebKit.framework, choosing to replace

* Install JavaScriptGlue.framework, choosing to replace

* Install WebKitDashboardSupport.framework (shouldn't exist on the system yet)


It's entirely possible that you can just do this all in one step in Pacifist, but I was worried about it replacing my entire Frameworks folder or something, so I did it one step at a time. Safari works fine so far, but there doesn't seem to be too much of a change.


Ah. That's a big difference I didn't notice until I submitted it - buttons in Safari no longer use the OS X look and feel, but whatever they are set to in the page (looks more like forums do in Windows).

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Seems to be INCREDIBLY flaky on my 10.4.8 install. Doesn't render the pages unless I hit enter twice. MEH!


Thanks for the tip, though.


EDIT: Broke my dock too, and of course I was too stupid to back anything up. Off to find my Install DVD!

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safari works but my dock now is not working like before

How can I replace the backup dock.app?

I can't replace it because is loaded and I can't stop the dock because it restart

Somebody can help me?



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working fine here but on right click i get only a menu "localized string not found" .. okay a reboot did fix that :D



i backup my dock... i dont know if it will help you but i could upload my backup ?

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im no apple guru but i would try it so ....


Applications / Utilities / Activity Monitor (same as Task Manager under Winsucks)


search there for Dock... then Quit process



now try to overwrite the Dock from the backup... it should be not in use anymore at moment ! then reboot and look




when it not overwrite you maybe need admin (root) rights so you must try to copy the folder over the Terminal

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so please correct me but the way should be...


F8 while booting then -s for single mode


mount -uw /

cd /

cp -r /yourbackupfolder/Dock.app /System/Library/CoreServices/

cd /System/Library/CoreServices/

chown root:wheel Dock.app




hope a pro can correct me if anything is wrong

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