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Which Graphic Boot Loader do you use?

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I have a dual boot system with Mac Os X x86 and Vista.


I'm actually using Windows Boot Manager as boot loader, but I'd like to use a graphic one like Acronis OS Selector (... I dislike it ;) - It's impossible to change OS Selector theme, isn't it?).


Which other graphic boot loader do you use/know?

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A bootloader it just there for a few seconds, so no real need for graphical doodads...


Fastest/simplest would be darwin, vista's boot manager, ntldr, grub.


As for AOSS, you can change the icons etc, but you need to hack it. Search in the customization subforum for the guide.

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I don't know if you realy want a GRAPHICAL boot manager, but your boot.ini whitin windows can do it also.


you have to copy the file "CHAIN0" from your OSX install dvd to your C: drive


then set a new line in your boot.ini (also on your C: drive) like this:


C:\chain0="MAC OSX"


you could bring back your Timeout to 10 sec. it's enough...

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