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vga support 2900XT

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I have an 2900XT and i would like to have it working on osx. Becouse of all the people i know using it i want to try it too. My motherboard is a p5w dh deluxe and i think that works alright. but the 2900xt is a new card. I also have an 7100GS will that work ?


core 2 duo e6600

p5w dh deluxe

2gb memory

5 hd's

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MB, CPU and memory will work great.


I think that you are the first one here with 2900XT. It's a not best buy for now for OS X.

8800GTS and GTX will work soon as i read on this site.

8800GTS have same results as 2900XT and ati has bigger price.



Like i read on osx86project wiki your card 7100 maybe run.

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I have a 7100GS and tried Natit. However the kext wrongly detected the frequency of my monitor and it continously shows "out of range" signal.


I also tried to boot with "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32@60" or "1024x768x32@60" or "800x600x16@60" or whatever, still my monitor shows the same thing.


I'm using an old LCD ComeMon L17AS. Please advice what should I do ...


BTW, I've also tried Macvidia, it leads to kernel panic ...





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