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  1. 10.5.8 freezes every few minutes

    Please, it does it all the time and it's really anoying!
  2. 10.5.8 freezes every few minutes

    Would you please translate and/or elaborate a bit more? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi all, I've got an iPC 10.5.6 vanilla kernel installation updated to 10.5.8 on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo with an ATI HD2900XT card. I installed Leopard following a guide specifically made for my mobo and everything's great, fast and showing at full resolution, but I've got a little problem: every few minutes (it happens more when there're 2 or 3 basic apps opened and right after I click on anything like menus or links) the system freezes for a few seconds and then continues working. I've got a Q6600 processor with 8gb of 800mhz ram so I don't think it's because of the system speed or memory. Can anyone point me to a possible solution? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi all, I have an Asus P5W DH Deluxe mobo with an Ati HD2900XT graphics card. I just installed iPC 10.5.6 with a 90% of success except for the graphics. I need to boot with -x in order to see something. I have a few questions. I've read that the last PC-Efi version (10.4.1 and I supose others as well) has a feature called "Graphics enabler" and I don't know if I got it right but it's suposed to detect your graphics card and make it work. I don't know if it needs the actual kext for my Ati or if it does it right away. It says it needs Chameleon 2 (I have Chameleon 1 installed by iPC) and I'd have to replace the BOOT file in the disk root. I'm going to try with the Chameleon 2 pkg file which should work ok, but I need to know how to replace the boot file correctly. I also need to know if I need the 2900XT kext appart from the 10.4.1 boot file in order to get my graphics working ok. Thanks a lot!
  5. Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.5 Ya ha salido.

    Qué precauciones tengo que tomar con una Asus P5W DH Deluxe con iATKOS 4i instalado con kernel vanilla?
  6. Problemas con iATKOS 4i

    Solucionado! Me he bajado el Natit.kext de la sección de hardware, lo he instalado y todo perfecto. Tengo dual display, todas las aceleraciones, el tope de resolución... Aparte me funciona sin problemas la red y el sonido, los discos duros, etc. No se si las funciones internas de la placa base (sleep mode y tal) me funcionarán. Ya iré viendo. Un saludo y muchisimas gracias por todo!
  7. Problemas con iATKOS 4i

    Vale, parece que vamos por buen camino, pero aun no hemos llegado. He instalado todo lo básico sin drivers de gráfica. He entrado en modo -x, he instalado el EFI Studio y he seleccionado el controlador de la HD2900 de 512Mb. Ha arrancado y ahora lo que me muestra al cambiar la pantalla de la manzana gris son colores raros. Esos colores se mueven un poco al mover el ratón, pero nada más. Qué puedo hacer? Muchas gracias.
  8. Problemas con iATKOS 4i

    De acuerdo, voy a probar a no instalar nada aparte de lo básico. Por cierto Derty, qué configuración tienes en tu bios para que te funcione sin problemas?
  9. Problemas con iATKOS 4i

    Vale... Ahora creo que es otra cosa. He vuelto a instalar sólamente con ACPIPlatform.kext + Kernel 9.4.0 (Stock files) y el driver de la gráfica y ahora me pasa de la pantalla de la manzana pero la pantalla se me queda en celeste. No me entra al menú de configuración.
  10. Problemas con iATKOS 4i

    Hola a todos, A ver si me podeis echar una mano con mi instalación de iATKOS 4i. Tengo un Core2Quad Q6600 con 4 gigas de ram, placa base ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, disco duro WD 74Gb de 10,000rpm y gráfica ATI HD2900XT de 512Mb. Se instala sin ningún tipo de problemas simplemente añadiendo los drivers de la gráfica (para ATI 2XXX y 3XXX). El resto de la instalación la dejo igual, con kernel vanilla y el pc-EFI v8. Al reiniciar carga sin problemas pero al pasar de la pantalla de la manzanita gris, el modo de pantalla cambia y se queda en negro. Se que funciona porque se oye el sonido de inicio y mi tableta gráfica sigue funcionando cuando le pongo el lápiz encima, pero no me muestra ninguna imagen. Alguien sabe qué puedo hacer? Muchas gracias.
  11. Ok, I realized I wasn't choosing any kernel option, just the standard installation plus gfx drivers, but now it's even worse. With the vanilla kernel it just reboots right after showing the Darwin/x86 boot screen and with the non-efi bootloader + TOH kernel it shows the "blahblah...plist" message. Is it really so hard to install Leopard with my computer specs? I actually had Tiger installed fully working a few months ago. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=126457 This is exactly what's happening to me.
  12. Anyway I think it boots just fine. Everything works besides the part where the grey screen disappears, but as I said I think it still works after that. It's just that the screen is black. Maybe I just have to change the hardware ID for the gfx card?
  13. Ok but do the osx86 tools need a working osx install to run?
  14. Hi all, I've got an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe mobo with a Q6600, 4Gb of RAM (G-Skill), WD 10000rpm 74Gb HDD and an ATI HD2900XT. JMicron controller disabled. I tried to install iATKOS 4i (10.5.4) and everything goes fine. I always select a standard installation with ATI 2XXX and 3XXX drivers. It installs and loads but right after the grey apple screen, my screen goes black. Everything seems to work perfect besides the video problem (i.e. my pen tablet works). I tried installing without the ATI drivers and it constantly reboots when loading. Is there anything I can do besides trying another release? This one's just so easy to install... By the way, after the grey apple screen, just before it goes black, it shows funny colors for a second or two.