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XFX 6600GT PCIE 128MB drivers


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Hello, can anyone help me with XFX 6600GT PCIE 128MB drivers.


I am running it on an AMD 3200+ AM2, on Asus M2NPV-MX, with 1 GB DDR2 Ram.

I have installed the titan nv40.pkg display driver which is bundled with the Jas 10.4.8 with PPF1 and TheDefant ppf2 patched with it.


The system information shows that the card is working with QE/CI both supported and the card really works fine at my native resolution of 1440x900.


My problem is that my system sometimes hangs up at the blue screen after the grey apple logo at boot. this happens after showing a blue starting mac screen and and it the logo appears to be at a resolution of 640x480.

If i try restarting then my pc can again log on to mac.


Please help.... The system hangs randomly, sometimes i can boot, some times i cannot..

According to me this should be a graphics driver issue.

I have tried natit driver package. It works finr at native resolution without hang but does not enable QE/CI.



Thanks in advance

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