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Whats the best FX5200 for OSX86?

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Avoid the 5200 card, while it's largely compatible with osX, it's performance is abysmal. The shader implementation was never done properly resulting in the card leaning on the CPU for some "hardware" accelerated features. Under some circumstances you can actually decrease performance with a 5200. If you really must buy a budget card, get a 7300GS or GT.


from fx wiki...


With regard to the much-touted Shader Model 2 capabilities of the NV3x series and the related marketing point of "cinematic effects" capabilities of the chip, the actual performance was shockingly poor. A combination of unfortunate factors combined to really hamper how well NV3x could perform these calculations.

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I really personally dont care about the performance.


Its just being used to accelerate the desktop.


I scored an eVGA 128MB one off of eBay for almost 17 shipped, which is a bargain, as a 7300GT is 100 or so for an AGP slot.


Down the road, I'll upgrade, but for now its fine.


I do know how bad it sucks for gaming though, but I have my main PC and an X1950 Pro hooked up to a Sony GDM-FW900 (24"CRT @ 1920x1200) for that purpose. :)


Its enough too to drive Aero so I can install Vista alongside OSX on this box.

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