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HDD Problems during Install

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Hi guys.


I'm trying to install Mac in a Packard Bell EasyNote MX456, but I have some problems in here:




ST980811A Rev 3.ALA


Now, my drama is that inside Disk Utility, when I try to format the partition to install, it doesn't format, just "Prepares.." and then "Mounts...", but no formatting at all. And when I check if it was formatted, it says the previous filesystem it had. (In my case, before says "MS-DOS Filesystem (FAT32)", and after says the same... resume: no changes).


So, I cannot install Mac. Any idea?


EDIT: I had some problems with booting Kubuntu installation. I had to pass "noapic nolapic" options to installer, and in GRUB for starting system. Now, I really don't know what does this mean, but I think it's significant to figure out what kind of problem we've got in here. ;)

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format your target osx partition with type AF format, or delete the partition and create it as a new and raw disk, using any 3rd party partition software or boot disk, which includes: linux install cds, paragon parition mngr and partition magic.


***double check that you've really clicked and chose mac os extended (journaled) format. and enter a volume name.


***make sure that your install dvd has a Disk Utility fix patch

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Well, once I had a problem when trying to format unformatted partitions (no filesystem), because Disk Utility didn't recognize them.


About Disk Utility, I'm installing JaS 10.4.8 PPF1+PPF2 SSE3 distro (what a name... why they don't name them like linux distros, sort of "Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn" or something??), so that's supposed to have no drama about that.


And... yup, I triple checked if I was formatting in HFS+ Journaled. I also tried with UNIX filesystem, HFS+ Upper/Lowercase, HFS+ No-Journaled... all options, but the same thing happened: nothing.


Now, does it any influence if I'm trying to install Mac inside a Extended Partition. For some strange reason, I can't make more than ONE Primary Partition, so I had to break my head trying to do Extended Partitions in QTParted.


Puff... anyway, I'm gonna test what you've told me and the I'll tell you.


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I forgot to mention, yeah, thats right....


OSX should be installed on a primary partition, in my case I got a windows xp and osx dual booted, both are in primary partition.


I have used partition magic to make my os partition both primary.


Also, you could use paragon partition tool to help you format a partition in hfs format. You'll have to change your partition type to AF. You can do this also using linux install cd.


When you've converted your partition type into AF, you no longer will have to format or erase your target install location under Disk Utility, your target partition shall appear straight away from the Disk Utility.

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