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Rotating-Cube-Virtual-Desktops workaround by hotkeys and scripts.


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Well, there has been some discussion on the possibility to port Xgl / Compiz / Beryl from Linux to OS X, but as many people noticed there is no need for that, as all the effects are already available or possible to make available in Tiger. Now what I'm interested in isn't all that wobbly stuff or dragging windows over the edge of the cube, but simply using the "Fast user switching" cube as a tool for switching between virtual desktops. Why isn't this possible? I really don't get it, why Apple didn't implement that option - is it just because that could be rated as "stolen" form Compiz? It's just silly, everything is there, but it cant' be used.

Does anyone know if there's a project on that? Neither VirtueDesktop nore CodeTek are working on using the Cube Effect for their means. Is it impossible, or what is the big hold up?


In any case I already worked around that pritty much by creating users for the different tasks which I intended to have their own "virtual virtual desktops", so now I can switch between desktops for playing music, chatting, surfing and working, by switching users. What I'm still missing is the possibility to use hotkeys for fast user switching instead of that time wasting drop down menu.

Is there a possibility to use a hotkey for that purpose?


And, concluding, isn't it possible to write a script of some kind, that makes all the "users" use the same home directory and even the same detail information when creating files

or stuff like that? If there was a hotkey functionality for switching users and a possibility for

all the "virtual desktop users" to share the same home directory, the fast user switching capability of OS

X would virtually be  transformed into a rotating-cube-virtual-desktop. (The only problem being that windows / programs couldn't be transferred between them - but couldn't be there a script for that, too?)


Any idea how to realise this?

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