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com.apple.boot.plist not found


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After using MacOS some time, I figure out that I don't need Windows anymore :)


So, I delete Windows partition, delete Mac partition and merge it in one BigMac :) partition. Also I have one more partition with my data, total two partitions. I do clean install of MacOS and after reboot I've got "System config file ...blah-blah... com.apple.boot.plist not found".


When I boot from DVD and wait (8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 GO!) system boots up.


I recheck is the startup disk set to active about thousand times, I also try using whole HDD for install, I do some terrible manipulations with MBR in fdisk... nothing.


When I boot with DVD inserted, I can see com.apple.boot.plist in /Library/Prefer... so, there where it should be.


P.S. Earlier, when I had a Windows, I use Acronis OSS, and all worked.


Heeelp me!


Edit: Almost forgot, I use JaS 10.4.8 with PPF1 and PPF2.

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You need to reinstall the darwin bootloader on your HDD. This can be done by booting off your DVD, opening a terminal window and entering this command:

fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0

and then reboot.


rdisk0, is what your start HDD is named if you have only one HDD in your system. If you have more than one and you are not sure where OSX resides, then you can find out by typing this in the terminal:

diskutil list

It will show you a list with all of your HDDs, each with an index number on the first column. Once you verify your disks index you can replace that in rdisk, ie. if your disk has an index of 2 then the command must be:

fdisk -u /dev/rdisk2


Good luck,



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